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Concerts  2022


Past concerts 2019-20

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Lucy Parham 2.jpg
Cambridge Wind Band 
Harriet Walter colour.JPG
Lucy Parham and Dame Harriet Walter perform 'I, Clara' - a performance of music and narration celebrating the 200th anniversary of Clara Schumann's birth. 
Daphna Sadeh - Jazz Bass 
International jazz and world musician Daphna Sadeh leads a band performing a rich mix of jazz and world fusion.

C o n c e r t s

2018-19 Series

13th October
Vitaly Pisarenko - Piano 
19:45 Linton Village College 
1st December 
Lucy Cavendish Singers 
19:30 St Mary's Parish Church
9th February
CUJO - Big Band Night!
19:30 Linton Village College
Lucy Cavendish.jpg
11th May
Morgan Szymanski - Guitar 
19:30 St Mary's Parish Church
Morgan smile.jpg
30th March
Linton Artistic Directors and Friends
19:30 Linton Village College
Artistic Directors and Friends.jpg
Doric Quartet + huckle .jpg
1st June
Jonathan Biss - Piano
Doric String Quartet
Ukraine Benefit Concert-St Mary's.jpg
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